Monday, June 29, 2015

Wakizashi - final chapter

So, you might have read here on this blog that sometime ago I bought mumei koto wakizashi.
It was in shirasaya.

It has beautiful rain-pattern silver habaki:

Then I had it mounted.
Initially I wanted to have it in aikuchi, but Daniel sensei said it's too beefy for aikuchi. So I went for traditional set, only - as you can see - I have had the tsuka made longer:
It is well balanced and has nice harmony to it. The furniture is from Higo school. Unfortunately, I did not have proper tsuba, so I just had something put inside as a gap filler.

Then I went for search of the tsuba I wanted. I knew: no aikuchi, but still wanted a small tsuba. Eventually (with Daniel's blessing) I found this Owari-school gem. Seller estimated it's from around 1550:
It took me like 2 hours with the file on the copper inserts and now I have it mounted:

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