Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On Vertx

So all the Kryptek goodies I got are from Vertx.

Initial impressions were great. They sell these targeted for Operation Athlete and I do see where this comes from. The design is really top-notch, really functional.

The only problem I have is the durability of the camo print. Typhon (the night shade one) was visibly paler after just one wash. For me this is more of a fashion statement (I do not operate anymore ;-), but I am a bit disappointed with how quickly I will loose the colors.

This is especially annoying given the premium price I have to pay for Kryptek in Poland.

Monday, October 20, 2014

On Kryptek

Yeah, Kryptek, right? The load of Vertx goodies have just arrived.

You see, when I was a mad scientist working for National Institute of Telecommunications in Poland we got some jobs for the Polish Military Industrial Complex (LOL) to verify electromagnetic properties of some fabrics. And ever since I was I got interested in both camo patterns and fabrics properties. I was there when Canadians designed their CadPat, was there when USMC intro'ed Marpat, was witnessing when USArmy did the dramatic ACU fuck-up. And then somehow the whole hell broke loose. Now we have Multicam, ATAC, Navy's AOR1/AOR2, DPM, Flecktarn etc. And of course there is shitloads of hunting camo, starting from Mossy Oak, RealTree up to amazing Cabela's ColorPhase.

Initially I fell in love with desert Marpat. I loved the fractal science behind it, yet for some reason it failed to provide what I require good camo to do - break figure outline. I still have some Marpat somewhere, but am a bit unsatissfied.

And then came Kryptek. And somehow me like it. First of all - the Kryptek Highlander with big patches of contrasting shades providing what I need - very nice outline break:

And then there is Kryptek Typhon, the night-shade flavor.

By no means - Kryptek is not the ultimate pattern out there. If there is any grain of truth in Quantum Stealth - this could truly revolutionize this field. But until this happens - it's all up to the personal preference. I love lizard-skin feel of Kryptek. Yet the near infrared performance of Kryptek is only so-so.

But for the moment Kryptek is the shit, it is the fashion of camouflage, the thing to show off at your local shooting range.