Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On expensive watches

So the most fundamental question is usually - why?

Well, this might be pretty simple. Women can wear rings, ear-rings, nose-rings, eyebrow studs, pendants, hair clips and all other sort of bling. For us, guys, especially if you are into any serious physical activity (like, say... aikido) - you can't. So our expensive watches is the only real jewelry we can wear.

My current pick is Panerai 372.

Of course there is the issue of the price. But generally - Panerai makes the most elegant and down-to-business looking timepieces I ever came across. They have this elegant look of very efficient military tools like 1911A1, Humvee, F18F or SSN22 (of course, most of you have not the foggiest idea of what I am talking about, LOL).

Yet perhaps I would like the 372 as composite version (see this), you would wish some other designs of Radiomirs and Luminors were available. Something even more to my liking.

And this is where things start to get funny.

You see, there seem to be a huge demand for fake Panerai timepieces. Well, that is a given, right? But there is even demand for fake pieces of Panerai that Panerai never made. Exmple? Panerai 29076. It is like Luminor 372 only its Radiomir. And AFAIK - Panerai never made a piece like this. So now you can buy a fake Panerai copy of a Panerai that never was. How cool is that? And - is that a copy? A copy of what? ROTFL...

For more on Luminor 372 please visit this page. I started saving money...