Sunday, September 8, 2013

On my Beemer

What I like doing is... doing things my way.

When motorcycle has this funny suspension that exposes rear wheel... I like it when it is shown. Think here Ducati Monster, Honda VRF and big BMWs. All of these have this one-sided rear wheel arm that looks like... the wheel just hangs in the air. Me like it. Unfortunately in most cases this is obscured by exhaust muffler. My beemer had this:

See? Muffler hides the beautiful engineering here. So I removed it:

Now, this is what I like. Sound is not much louder, just a bit beefier, so I hope to get away with it. Whatcha think?

On story of my life

No, it's not about women.

It's about watches.

I wear pretty decent Omega (this one, to be exact). But once I found a watch i really like it has to cost arm and leg. Funny thing is I can see myself spending 10K US$ for this piece of jewellery. There is something liberating in spending outrageous amount of money for something you totally do not need. I am talking here about this:

I guess I will buy a fake copy next time I am in Bangkok, wear it for some time to see how it feels and then... Well, if I like it - you never know...