Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Wak

As I was saying the other day... I needed wakizashi. So I got myself one.

So you might ask yourself why I would need a wakizashi. I was using my Bugei Bamboo Katana for several years, Daniel sensei would always say this is too heavy and too stiff with weird balance. So I got this 16th century sword by Fuyuhiro. Then I understood what Daniel sensei was saying. The sword is much better balanced, much lighter and blazing fast. But then I realized that this very fine sword is not well suited for indoor CQB. It is just too long. There always is a ceiling or doorframe or something that blocks your cuts as you defend yourself from the zombie invasion. And this is when wakizashi comes in handy, just because it is shorter.

Now I got this koto blade. In shirasaya, as you can see here. Very nice sori, very bade-heavy.

I think of having it mounted in aikuchi. Or I will just leave it in shirasaya. But I want to see how all of those shindo-munen ryu and muso-shinden ryu forms feel when using wakizashi... It's goimg to be fun.