Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Operation Flashpoint Dragopn Rising - 1st impressions

Oh well, where to start?

I thought that my notebook would be able to handle this thing. I have here Core2Duo T9550 @ 2.66 GHz with 4 GB of Ram on ATI 3650. The problem is I have full HD @ 1920x1080. And the game is... slow. No matter if I set all settings to high or to low, at my native resolution the thing is just slow... Mouse response is within one second. I remember reading somewhere that Codemasters boasted the game is going to scale well on lower end PCs, well, perhaps it scales well, but my experience is the same no matter how I set the visual settings.

Of course I might try running it at 1366x768 or something, but what's the point of having full HD and using lo-rez?

So for the time being I am a bit disappointed. Uninstalled the thing and mothballed it. Perhaps one day I will come back and give it another try...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

Oh well, have finally came around all the installation glitches and gotchas. I fear I will not sleep much these days...

Semper Fi, mot*erfu*kers!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


As per request - two posts taken down. Sorry...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Planting the seed

Today (and by all means - mark it in your calendars, boys and girls) was the first time ever that Aikido was introduced to Kenya.

I had the privilege to lead the class with the support of Marcin Chlystun, we had three students ;-) I know, I know, but even the Rome was not built in one day...

At this point I should thank to everyone who made it possible, but foremost I think my gratitude should go to Piotr Masztalerz. He made it possible for me to become whoever that I am now.

The Aikido classes take place at the venue at Japanese Embassy and I would like to thank Japanese Ambassador in Kenya for making this possible. I do not think he will ever visit this page, but I give respect where it is due. Domo arigato godzaimasu

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pin-Ups (well, almost ;-)

The idea is simple - to create a calendar with high quality photographs of young girls from orphanage in Limuru, print it in high resolution on good paper and sell it for outrageous amount of money, which - quite naturally - would go to support the orphanage.

This is why for the lasty two weekends we've been travelling to Limuru taking pics and then scratching our heads why is it that our pics are not good enough (well, if you have some self-criticism). And of course two fundamental questions still remain unanswered - B&W or Color? Landscape or portrait? Personally I'd go for B&W portrait, but as it is a teamwork I'd have to follow the herd.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The eagle has landed.

Well, downloading. Hope my Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM, ATI 3650 @ Full-HD will be able to handle it...

Or perhaps I should buy PS3 just for this sole purpose?

Eagle is here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google Wave

So, everyone is raving about this thing called Google Wave, and even tech gurus are kinda puzzled. What I like is that even heavy-weight IT experts asked what does it do answer I dunno, but it's so cool... It's interesting when we see a product that can not be framed into comparison with existing services...

Of course the name Wave comes from movie Firefly ;-)

Internet basics - continued

Find out what podcast is and subscriber to TWIG. Always be a step ahead - improvise, adapt, overcome...
Watch this. Be geek.

Internet basics - continued

And for God's sake - update your Google profile with some sort of picture. I have Android-based phone and it's sad to see most of those contacts having default faces... Please!

Internet basics - continued

For all of you poor Windows users - tip #7 - install MS Security Essentials. Currently the best antivirus on the market. Also lightweight. OK, it's slow, but because it's thorough. Trust me - you do not want anything else...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Internet basics

Well, I am no guru by no means, but thanks to more enlighted people I know a thing or two about Internet. And it always comes as a surprise to me when I see a good IT expert who sees some of my tools and then goes OMG, what is that? So I decided to define most basic Internet tools out there...

1. Get Gmail account. Or anything else in the cloud. Get rid of PC-based client.

2. Get to know and use something like del.icio.us, just to sync bookmarks between computers, browsers, etc. Also in case of SW reinstallation on your PC this will come handy (if you forgot to backup your favorites ;-). Firefox has beautiful plugin for del.icio.us....

3. Get to know how to use Google Calendar, also sync it with Outlook. Share with friends.

4. Get online RSS reader. I use Google Reader, but any of alternatives will do. Most pages have RSS feeds - subscribe to all of them. I have like hundreds of subscriptions - instead of going to hundreds pages I just have to go to one... Ah, did you notice online RSS reader. Online, get it?

5. Heh, this should've been No.1 - kill MSIE, use either Firefox or Chrome ;-) No, no, no, cut the crap about IE 7, 8, whatever. Get rid of that.

6. Get Full-HD good quality monitor - there's nothing worse than squinting for hours or looking screen at 640x480...

I know the list of hints could be much longer. But this is the starting point. Please feel free to contribute...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Everybody lies...

Yup, sixth season is out!