Friday, September 25, 2009

African Fashion Show

On Wednesday we went to African Fashion show. I was to discuss possibility of establishing Aikido perimeter here in Kenya, but at the same time I got the chance to shoot some models ;-)

T.I.A. so - of course - the show had to start with official, pompous and totally boring part - speeches. Damn, this part took over an hour! Some speakers were kinda stiff and boring, others took it more easy - vide - Indonesian Ambassador...

Some designers presented just one or two dresses - hardly can call a collection, right? But others presented really interesting concept. My fav is this one - with this pattern that looks like blood-spatter. Reminds me of old Kurosawa movies... Awesome...

Other dresses were... well, perhaps a picture is really worth a thousand words?

More pictures here

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mt. Kenya

Well, almost - went more for camping, less for hiking.

Drove old Pajero up to 3300 meters. The road through bamboo forest up to border of National Park was just introduction to what lay ahead. Then last 7 km was just amazing. The Pajero was old, but sturdy and dependable. No photos, I was more focusing on staying on the path (no, I wouldn't call it a road ;-)

Here looking for right way...
From Mt. Kenya, Lake Michaelson

We hiked to altitude of roughly 4km the first day. Wanted to camp at Lake Michaelson or at Mintos Hut, but we fell to the altitude and cold. If you ever walked in the cloud you know what I mean...
From Mt. Kenya, Lake Michaelson

So we pitched just somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere.
From Mt. Kenya, Lake Michaelson

Following day we kept going up...
From Mt. Kenya, Lake Michaelson

And finally reached 4269 meters. Still no clear route to the lake itself.
From Mt. Kenya, Lake Michaelson

Then we turned around as clouds caught up with us again and it got freezing cold again. We got back to the car and camped there.
From Mt. Kenya, Lake Michaelson

Of course more pictures here.

Comments? Well, the first day we started from Nairobi (altitude 1770m) and reached nearly altitude of 4km. Beata would always say - gain no more that 1km per day, we did almost 2300. Perhaps this is why I got this dull headache once we crossed 4km.

Lessons learned? Take it slowly - next time (of course there will be next time!) we'll have to take several days... There are numerous streams up there with crystal-clear water, so no need to carry that.

And oh yeah - at 4km not only walking but even talking is difficult and I had to rest after every three sentences ;-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two more

Yeah, I shaved

Monday, September 14, 2009

Promised samples

Well, of course the most interesting part of Nikkor AFS 14-24 f/2.8 is the 14 mm part.

Here's Bartek

now, this would be Kuchi

...and Ali's toes

last (but not least) Nadia ;-)

All pictures presented without consent of people who were photographed.

New hardware

Rado got back from Poland and brought second batch of toys. No knives this time, just exchanged my HTC Hero from white to dark chocolate ;-)

But he also brought new camera and new lens.

Old D200 together with AFS 17-55 f/2.8 DX went to Piotr ;-) Have fun, it's really amazing camera, you'll have fun.

But what I got is D700 with AFS 14-24 f/2.8.

So... Initial impressions? The move from D200 to D700 is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Admittedly the new box is much more complex, has all kinda bells and whistles, the user manual is 3 (three!) times as thick as the D200 manual... I yet have to go through all the menus ans set it up to my needs... But for the pics I took so far - it overexposes. I need to tweak it. Besides it's fast, FX (for non-Nikon guys - full frame), and cool. To summarize - no big deal. It had to happen sooner or later.

But the lens... OMFG! I will post some pics, but with 14-24 I need to learn everything I knew from the scratch. This is a-fvcking-mazing. Of course it is sharp, no flare, no distortions (even at 14mm!). This is just the whole new world...

Will post samples soon.