Sunday, December 9, 2007

Batu Caves

The main problem with KL is that there's nothing there. I asked all the local people I know and they said there's only shopping and clubbing. Fuck! I don't mind shopping, but unless you know your way around you're stuck with huge overpriced shopping centres like Suria KLCC. There's nothing there that I can't get at home... And clubbing is totally not my cup of tea, especially without my friends... So I askedGoogle where to go and the only reasonable thing were Batu Caves - one of the biggest holy Hindu places in Malaysia. Admittedly I am not an expert on Hindu religion, but this place was totally overrated. Perhaps had I known whose sculptures were these... Still, I guess that going there was better than staying in the hotel. On my way back I took a bus - that was some experience ;-)

KL and stuff

Some pics of KL Petronas Towers... Before you start complaining about the pics - Nikon went to service (almost 3 months ago!) and am still waiting to get it back. Therefore all photos were taken with Nokia E50's shitty camera. Sorry...


Really cool building. The best about it is that it's outside is made of glass+metal. There is no stone,no concrete. So it shines wonderfully in the setting sun...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

KL sux

I did not write for a while, coz for a long time I did not manage to get out of my hotel. See, I am at this hotel near office which is in middle of nowhere. 35 clicks from KL. Still, I managed to get to KL. And just as my trainees said - there is nothing there in the city. Just shops and pubs. Too bad. Still I got to see Petronas Towers.